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“As someone who has had battled chronic pain in one form or another for over 25 years, this books spoke to me in so many ways. I realized that not only were my experiences not unusual, the path to treatment and also finding others who understood was an experience shared by so many people.” – Books April Reads

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“All in all, Not Weakness: Navigating the Culture of Chronic Pain by Francesca Grossman is a part memoir/part journalism book that successfully sets out to show what living with constant sores and aches is really like.” – Chick Who Reads Everything

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“I recommend Not Weakness, Navigating the Culture of Chronic Pain to all of us who are a part, knowingly or not, of that culture. And I enthusiastically say it be read before every woman makes her next doctor’s appointment.” – Concord Clayton Pioneer

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“Imbued with a deep respect for the women who tell their #stories, as well as a healthy skepticism of the #healthcare world, Not Weakness is a galvanizing #memoir about living and loving with chronic pain” – Love My Books 2020